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Heavy and oversized cargo:
The company «CRYSTAL TRADING» is founded by professionals with many years of experience in the field of logistics. We with confidence accept orders of any complexity and we will help to build the most rational logistics with registration and transportation of the most heavy and oversized cargo.

For such cargoes we build a delivery route with all necessary transport documents, provide escorts, highly skilled technicians develop fastening schemes, we select the necessary transport: heavy trawls or platform railroad conveyors (railway platforms) with carrying capacity from 55 to 220 tons.

Cargoes in bags, big bags, boxes, barrels and other packages:

A modern complex for transshipment of general cargo is capable of processing 250 000 tons per year. Overloading is carried out at three berths with a length of more than 300 meters, equipped with gantry cranes of a carrying capacity of 3 to 6 tons. Storage is carried out in the general cargo warehouse with a total area of 28 000 sq. meters. The processing capacity of vessels is up to 2 000 tons per day. The complex provides optimal conditions for the reloading and storage of all types of food in the warehouse. Active work is carried out to expand the warehouse space. The presence of a customs-licensed warehouse on the complex makes it possible to provide a cargo flow of transit cargo, which is an important task in the implementation of foreign economic activity.